Booking Policy

Are you ready to meet the companion of your dreams? Here are a few pointers:

You are welcome to message me at the address listed above, or to fill out the form to your right (the preferred method for new friends).

Please note that I am a very busy lady, but I will do my utmost best to reply to correspondence in a timely manner. Please allow 12-24 hours for me to process your message. Pestering me won't make it any quicker...

Please include all required information ( as listed on the Etiquette page) in you initial correspondence to save us both time and maybe a little frustration on my part...I take a lot of pride in my politeness and my correspondence skills, please grant me the same courtesy when messaging me. My discretion is bulletproof and your personal information completely confidential. 

If you are a returning client with ownership of my phone number: Please remember that I do not reply to blocked phone numbers under any circumstances. Refer to the email address listed above or the form to your right for any question or enquiry.

I will be happy to schedule a phone call with you via email, at your convenience.

Looking forward to hear from you,



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