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Good Manners Go A Long Way...

There is nothing quite as attractive as a gentleman that behaves like one, and I get a (figurative) hard on for good manners and etiquette. For a beautiful, memorable and passionate encounter, there are a few guidelines to consider. Here's a gentle refresher if your memory requires it...


The quality of our time together is of utmost importance to me, and getting to know you beforehand is instrumental to the endeavour. Correspondence plays a large part in ensuring that we have a wonderful time together. I love to entertain all conversations, online or on the phone, as long as they are respectful and polite. I find acronyms and open lewdness distasteful and uncouth, please avoid that kind of language or it will be me who avoids you...

I am a busy young woman, be clear in your expectations and communication with me. I consider my time precious, there is very little of it in a day and I hate wasting it.

Booking & Appointment Etiquette

My weekly openings are limited, so an early booking is the best way to get your heart's desire. 48 Hours ahead is the minimum for all new patrons to ensure we have a pleasant time together. I can make shortcuts for returning patrons.

Upon arrival, please have my honorarium ready in an unsealed, unmarked envelope in Canadian currency. Large bills preferred. If we are meeting in public, please have the donation in a discreet card or gift bag.

Punctuality is a virtue. Lateness will not put you in my good graces. That is all...

My rates are non-negotiable. Any haggling from your part will be considered extremely uncouth and ensure that I will never give you the time of day. If you'd like to haggle, go to the flea market and stay out of my inbox.


I value my safety as much as any gal, and I know screening can feel tedious, but this is for your own good as much as mine. Let me navigate you through the process easily and seamlessly, and once its done, you never have to go through it again. Its worth the trouble, trust me...

If you would like us to meet, here are the few things that I will need to know:

  • First and Last name
  • Your telephone number (for identification purposes only, I will not be calling or texting unless we have scheduled it together)
  • Your Board handles if they apply (CERB, TER, P411 et al.)
  • A reference from another independent and established provider (this in particular will REALLY streamline things...)
  • The date and time or our appointment (that goes without saying...but really, please)
  • How would you like our appointment to go: any special requests? What did you have in mind when thinking of our encounter? Any specific needs that have to be addressed?
  • Tell me about yourself! Any enquiries or concerns? I am all ears...

Your information is safe with me and my discretion absolute.

If such information cannot be provided, then all my apologies, I am not the lady for you. 


Discretion is key. I have the utmost respect for your personal life and will never contact you outside of the boundaries that we have pre-established together. Scheduling phone calls and encrypting messages amongst other things, will ensure that our lovely encounters will stay private and confidential. I will never, ever approach you if I happen to see you in public. I will expect the same from you.