Gifts are never expected or required, but they are always appreciated beyond belief. If you would like to spoil me and make my life sweeter, here are a few suggestions...

Giftcards to any of the companies listed below can be made to and will always be cherished and endlessly appreciated...



Spirits and Treats

Pleasant little things that make life worth living...

  • Japanese and Scottish Whiskeys

  • Champagnes (my drink of choice)

  • Specialty Bourbons

  • Organic Wines

  • Dark Chocolate (local and fair trade if possible)

  • Flower arrangements (pale roses, orchids, chrysanthemums and lilies are great, but a huge pink peony bouquet will make me swoon...)

  • Beautiful stones and crystals

  • Strom Spa

  • Le Scandinave

  • Ovarium

  • Enso Yoga


Fund My Knowledge and Artistic Endeavours

Be a patron of the arts and support my boundless creativity...


Keep Me Beautiful and Stylish

I have expensive tastes, all for your benefit since I always look like a million bucks *winks*