The Basics


Who is Kira St-Olivier?

Welcome, welcome weary traveller...

If you have travelled this far, I assume your curiosity has been all means, let me indulge you.

I am Kira, a beautiful, voluptuous, beguiling young woman with  wisdom belying my years.  I have been deemed a classic beauty,  with an edge that never feels out of place. Rubenesque and lush immediately come to mind when describing my supple figure, the ink masterpieces covering smooth, firm skin true works of art. I will let you inspect my collection at length if that is your inclination...My grey eyes sparkle with mischief, and my full lips always eager to smile, laugh, kiss...will surely entice you. A passionate woman and fervent practitioner of all delicious carnalities, you will find me spontaneous, playful and endlessly eager to please and satisfy your every desire.

A bachelor of the arts, you will find me cultured, witty, well read, well spoken with a sharp sense of humour and contagious laughter. A night at the opera is just as comfortable to me as an easy stroll through the woods. I can carry a conversation on a diverse variety of subjects, from pop culture to politics with natural ease, and with me no discussion is ever boring or tedious. I will amuse you to no end and with great pleasure.

I am often praised for my authenticity, my comprehensive and compassionate ear. Leave the worries of your day to day grind with me, I will free you from those burdens with gentle, delicious attentions. I will be a a trusted confidante, a keeper of secrets, and you may rest easy that my discretion is one of my finest qualities.

I look for meaningful, respectful and fulfilling relationships, no matter your gender expression, ethnicity or orientation. The quality of the experience, the connection I will share with you, or your partner is my ultimate priority and I will welcome all with open arms.

To offer beautiful, emotionally and physically satisfying companionship is my calling.

If you would like to know more about me, by all means ask, and it will be my infinite pleasure to respond.


Some stats for you investigative types...

Age: Freshly Turned 30

Height: 5'4"

Measurements: 36D-30-38

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Occupation: Artist and Art Consultant

Nationality: French Canadian

Hair and Eyes: Light Ash Brown, Grey-Green

Sexuality: I would say bisexual, but that feels very narrow of a label to me...

Languages: Perfectly fluent in both French and English

Fun facts: Sagittarius, Non-Smoker, Casual drinker, INTP, obsessed with cats...

Diet: While I must steer clear of certain foods for health reasons, I am not by any means a picky eater. I will find something delicious no matter where you take me...

Keep up with me and my mundane life on social might laugh a little *winks*

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